What went wrong Thomas pink!!

A British tailor who started in the mid 1700s. He started opening his retail stores in 1984 called Thomas pink . From July of 2004 until 2009, his company sky rocketed in sales. But in 2009, the company experienced the effects of the recession inside of Macy’s and Bloomingdales. In 2010, the economy started to do better, but Thomas pink never restores their clientele. In the year of 2016, they began to close multiple Thomas pink stores because of this. LVMH decide change was necessary so they fired the CEO of Thomas Pink. Who was with them for 17 yrs and replaced him with another person from in house of LVMH. But that new CEO was given 18 months to turn around the company and if he didn’t the whole company was going to be liquidated. In 2018 they will be closing 7 leasing stores inside of the big department stores. As you can see, some of Thomas Pink clients don’t like coming to these department stores and shopping in their leasing boutique area. The whole company is going into a revamping moment which they are getting rid of logo fox for Thomas pink. But Imagine yourself getting the job thru the temp service for Thomas pink. How would that make you feel if you worked at Somerset Macy’s for 2 weeks and then the store is closing? I know I was a little upset but also took it as a growing aspect. This fashionovdreams and what next adventure will I be going on when it comes to fashion and finding out all the secrets and gossip that you guys need to know

FOD talk to you soon!!



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