Girl snatch..!It’s Ritz&Glitz!!

When going to certain events with me, you may never know. What you get your self into, because sometime I like it to be a surprise. But this one is so different I have learned more about the beauty side on things I never knew like there is a lip balm to keep you’re lips moisture and helps prevent dehydration with just a touch of grapefruit flavor it’s so soft it’s like butter huntie, from there to a total face Serum that clears up a lot of dark spots which Is why this product is everything. Now let’s not get too sidetrack and let’s talk about how you girls should be rocking the fabulous Ritz&Glitz mattelipstick , lipgloss, eyelashes, but we can’t forget about the two lovely ladies who start this whole thing these two lovely sisters Kiera and Kyra who are young business women in Detroit Michigan that’s making a name for their self in the beauty industry y’all better watch out now because these young lady’s got something’s up their selves so go and get your Ritz&Glitz product by clinking the link Ritz&Glitz


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  1. Thanks

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  2. Great writeup and photos!

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