hunting is a journey!

Let me just tell y’all something….Babby after being let go from my job, I never want to look back. I took it as if it was a course training for something better. But while I was their I’ll say I did learn a lot when it comes to retail. Which was very interesting in my eyes and always have me thinking. I can open up my own retail business one day. Although making connections with your team members is important, you have to remember to always keep business, business. You can make friendships in the retail industry but you have to understand that everyone doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Then again always have a small circle who you can always count on. While knowing that I have the best wardrobe squad ever, it’s such a blessing to have them because they always have my back. From Daun my mentor, Yenna my sweet pie, Emma my awesome and amazing soul sister who has some dope swagg, to my cool dude but edgy friend Eugene. Then I have my fashion sister Trice, who I get great advice and see things from a different perspective, and my new family member Renee who tell you like it is. I thank god from them because those type people I learn from each and everyday. Even when they think they’re not teaching me I’m still watching their every move to see how I can better myself for my future career. Lately I’ve been job hunting and not been getting much sleep at all. Hunttie do you hear me, no sleep!!! I’ve heard a lot of no’s and had long day’s waiting for a call back. It took about a month in a half for an employer to tell me yes. Since Dec 2, 2017, I have been working for a company called LXR&CO. This company sells luxury pre-owned vintage hand bags and accessories. You guys just wait because my journey is not over yet this is only the closing of my chapter of 2017 to the being of my 2018….. Fashionoverdreams has more things to come cause baby I don’t dance now I make hustle moves.


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  1. Hope your 2018 is very blessed. Keep going strong



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