Was it white party or Lesson!?

There are always new things you learn while going on a mini adventure and during this fashion show at the ultimate white party was something totally different. Baby let me tell y’all I was running back and forth from the front of the fashion show to back stage, to make sure the models were lined up and ready toy struck the runway. I mean my hair was sweating so damn bad my little Kate Williams bob was about fade it. I learned some people are not really good in working in a group setting. When it comes to leaning on someone to do a task and they tell the other person; I’m just here for my designer and the models that I style and that’s it and just watch the fashion show and once the show is done they were leaving after their models walked the runway. Well, the wardrobe lead was like you know you have to help the group out. DeShawn was like well I’m really just here to watch the models I styled and that’s it, so Daun was over it and ran back to her actually task at hand. So now let’s skip ahead to when it comes close to the ending of the fashion show and my girl trice was a little double teamed by the twins trying to cut the fashion show so early instead of agreeing on her terms and starting the fashion show early. Not only that, but the others lied to the models and some others who were apart of the fashion show, we were supposed to have VIP on stage with the celebrities and free drinks and food. The second biggest thing ever was the celebrities. Cardi B, Bernice, Porsha Williams, and Donny Savage were all late. With that being said Dej Loaf couldn’t even perform because some contract she had with Hennessy stopped her from actually coming to the white party. But they ended up having Kash doll perform instead. None of the less she did her thang but the biggest lesson here I learned from the white party is that it’s over rated and they charge you for not good quality food. And if you styled the fashion show and it’s over you should only stay at the white party at least minimum of 2-3 minutes and get your one-two step on and bounce because it’s was over rated and some people didn’t even get the memo when they say white party guest who coming in looking almost every color of the rainbow . I can’t with the white party, it was a lesson learned and never again.
Let’s give a big shout out to some of the models who strut that runway and gave life huntiie. From Robyn and Lauren to Nicole and Bianca, Oh Babbyy they did that and they made sure they put some stank on it, I was like yasss boo do your thang girls.
While rocking my sharvani men dress shirt Bollywood style,and a touch of all white H&M pants,and a Dab of crystal leather slippers by Giuseppe Zanotti, with a slick back bun can you say I didn’t come to play at all.



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