20 was never a ending it was a being!!

The things that I have learned no one is going to have your back but yourself and also the people who really care about you and those people are as such my best friends who are Jayla,Mich,Tyahsha,Nailah, Khaylen.I can really say I have best friends I can count on, even though we go thru are up and downs we all have one others back.They have really shown me that they have my best interest at Heart in just being there, most friends are not genuine as mine. We attended this nice elegant restaurant called Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, which was really cool place because of it’s actual grand opening was on my birthday, the food was amazing and so exquisite that it was kind of breath taking. It was such a blessing being able to spend my 20th birthday with the people I love and just having the laughter and fun at the table. I can say this was not the last thing I will ever do it was only the beginning of my 20’s, I will let the adventure begin and continue on with my successes as being Da’Jon Nash stay tuned lady’s and gentlemen for there’s more to come….. From edgy to classy sometimes its actually fun playing dress up for your birthday, as I’m rocking theses BonobosPants,with a nice dark brown Versace belt, and a checker Burberry long sleeve button down, with a 1901 Nordstrom loafer can you say a brotha knows how to clean up well or what!!  


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  1. Ashley F. says:


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  2. You’re very blessed! Happy birthday!!

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  3. Sweet styles bro

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