Tick-Tock Lick the Lollipop 

Well hello, readers I’m going to tell you a tale about a world filled with lollipops and small little gum drops. There is never a time when it comes to styling and you just live for what you do, This was one of these days I style my cousin fashion show Mr. Perry Wayne and let me tell y’all … suggar that was no joke at all I was.  running around like a chicken with head cut off. I had to make sure everybody knew what they were wearing and make sure one dress was sewed together thank god I had one of the moms there to help me so that damn dress would be sparkling down the runway huntiie because I didn’t know what I was going to do, babby let me tell you I felt like I was wearing a damn wig because my curls was sweating, not only that was the problem but I had to hemp the ball gown. Girl I was puttin’ in work (LOL) right there in itself. I switch from that to taking the damn rack up but baby lets me just say, Mr. Perry can sew his ass off. Every piece of garment that walked that runway he Nailed That! I can’t wait to see what else Mr.Perry Wayne got in store for us in the next fashion show because hell I need a jawbreaker or a lollipop for that. 



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