From styling to shows!

I never knew for my third fashion show it was going to be this big and excited, I have gotten to learn some great things and experience stuff that I haven’t really done in so long like, for instance, I had nearly sewed one of the models into the skirt. when I put the skirt on the model and zipped it up, then the zipper went up and pop open. I was like girrrrrrlllll!!!! I don’t what I do than I thought about sewing her in the skirt but instead, I took the skirt off her and reverse the skirt and sewed from the inside. Then I had to make sure ever model was slayed huntiie with double side tape on the breast and chest child. After that, I also made sure some models had their walk together making sure the selling their walk like a new Box of Louboutin shoe dahling! I also meet so cool people like the beautiful Kashdoll and the gorgeous pregnant Kendra.P, and the hilarious KWay, this fine girl right here Niece, they were all so nice and very humble. I was glad that I was in the presence of hard working people like this, I’m so grateful I got an opportunity to work with these amazing people like Daun And Trice. While I had the chance dahling…! I still had to style myself with my all black v neck t-shirt from H&M and my ash-tone black knee cut jeans and to top it off I’m styling with this kale green jacket from urban outfitters with the fierce tiger on the back I thought I was that real stylist who slaying these girls one paycheck at time huntiie….OK!! and my new balance on, with a touch of Tom Ford on my face. You better watch out dolls theirs a new fashion police on his way and he has no fear of telling you about your own gear!



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