The Switch Up!

When you have to pick between the neutrals colors,and one bright color for your spring attire, because your really trying to put something quickly together and still look good for work and the rest of you’re day. Then make sure that your hair is just ready to grace the sun with its beauty. Dahling…! Nobody was ready for this all black Levi’s denim jacket I was wearing, and this H&M light blue;which is kind beach wear chilled shirt, and my H&M kale green pants, with a touch of Versace around my waist, then my lovely Levi’s boat shoes that are so comfortable at times. Then you always have that moment while starring into space and think about something else while playing in your perfect curls and still can’t get enough of your TomFord glasses, while being conceded because you love who you are…. Yass huntie y’all better check y’all email if you haven’t seen a fine piece chocolate like this uhhhh click..! 



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