You shop retail OH! Hunty I shop Boutiques..!

This past weekend has really been a learning experience for me, I recently  got invited by a friend to go to this nice event in Birmingham Mi. But my friend couldn’t make it to the event, I. It’ll wish they could have came. It was all fine I had s great time, and I did some networking met some great people at this Boutique called Dolce Moda,  I met this beauty of a stylist at the boutique named Trice she has her own website called the styling Closet and then I met this gentlemen who was also a stylist named David Abraham who also a custom clothes maker, but at the end of day I’m so glade I did come to the event and network and make some actual connections, Go check out the lovely boutique in Birmingham off maple street and shop until you drop hunty! Then go check both of the wonderful people websites David and  Thestylingcloset! Please bring your wallets when u come shopping here hunty from ted baker to other designers they ready to snatch lives and souls…! 



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