Always look your best for less!

When your always looking good even in the cold,because your not trying to let it bother you at all. Dressed head to toe in H&M clothing. Sometimes you can find nice little piece here in there at H&M,but it’s all about how well you put them together. Can you say dinner and a movie was just brilliant idea ever, while wearing my light taupe crewneck was so amazing. which I took at pair scissors and slit both side to give a little more edge which was a little to itchy but retail for$29.99, I like my wash knee cut jeans that I have on,which was so comfortable and cool to rock and retail for $34.99, you can never go wrong with these tawny brown colored Chelsea boots that retail at $49.99, i can never forget about a nice piece of jewelry which I was styling with my Invicta watch and then Carolina Herrera cologne which smells good by the way.  



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