You call it festive!! I call it fashion!!

It’s not the bad boy in me that I want to be. It’s the edgy rockstar I’m going to be,with my biker jacket, and burgundy scoop shirt, black pants, and suede Chelsea boots. I’m ready for this winter wonderland!

I’m outside cold,but when it comes to taking risk for fashion you can never say no. When it’s cold out and you’re just trying to slay. Who say you can’t wear pink on a Wednesday boy or girl just like mean girls. Well this look  I love because it comfortable and relaxing. I just have on my black Levi’s denim jacket,with my rose gold pink shirt, and black pants, with a touch of my all white Huaraches. 

Taking a step one at time,toward the light of a better future. While having a unique style that give you that business vibe. We’re you have that festive look and serious at the same time. This dark grey bomber is everything,I’m rocking with my all white short button collar shirt, and my olive green pants, I call them my Hershey kiss Chelsea boots, while walking into the sun I’m sure to be shining with success.
Running short on time ? When rushing to that important thing you have going on,So why not look lean and mean and be that fashion king . Theirs nothing like wearing a good jogging outfit that just complete you. Rocking this grey newyork jogging outfit, with a touch of navy blue in my trench coat, and my chestnut ugg boots, with this trendy invicta watch. Time waits on no one.

I’m channeling my inner Scott Disick with a mix of Kanye West on the other side . I still have my own killer style. Let’s just say posing in the snow is not easy at all. While rocking this grey detail shirt with gold zippers on the side, and my distressed light jeans, with a great pair of black Chelsea boots, my two tone Mk watch set perfect tone to my whole entire outfit.

One of those cold days. Your alone taking it step by step, because you’re walking a path of fashion by your self. The twist, and turns, steps, and poses, are giving model vibes. What can you do, but start snapping every pos. I’m wearing this tan trench coat , and beige sweater that kind color-coordinated, with the olive green pants, and uggs boots, why not be photo ready at all times.

Well who doesn’t love a good lounge around outfit. Kicking your feet up in front of the fireplace. After you had a long day of skiing or ran couple errands.wearing this black Levi’s denim jacket, with a Lacrosse  grey t-shirt, and my two tone H&M green and black sweats, with the chestnut uggs boots to pull it off.



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