The summer of being shady

Well hello girls were back and so is the summer, you can’t never leave out your house with out these fendi cat eye sunglasses hunty they are giving me gold realness. 
The key to shade is keeping the sun out your face in these cute saltoptics Sunglasses.
Come on girls lets step out in these dazzling Saint Laurent sunglasses, it gives a lots of festivity action going on. 
It’s bright as a rainbow and it’s always spring ready the Chloe bag. You’re not ready, if you don’t have one of these bad boys for the spring/summer 16.
If she’s not pretty in white then you should not buy, darling it’s the laser cut Dior chain bag; it remind me of a white rose.
You can tell this is hard work and dedication. It’s craftsmanship is so detailed in the handbag; introducing the Lacontrie and its irresistible statement making of the collection by Parisian artisans.
This bag gives the best highlight hunty!,It’s sooo everything and with the dark brown it gives that bronzer kind of look. It’s just make it pop even more with the tan color and the gold handle like oomgosh it’s just give me life hunty!
The little she devil is black and its back with chain strap and sleek silhouette by Givenchy. It’s perfect with a long jersey dress on and a cute long Stuartweitzman boot.
Oh darling! you’re snatching wigs and weaves, I’m snatching exotic Gucci handbags, who never  said that purple is so ravishing!
The designer sale is on hunty. While you’re smoking Mary Jane I’ll just take the Jane bag by Chloe.
This beauty nomad maison Valentino bag is trendy and detail with the beading. It’s reminds of a Native American error that it’s bring out bohemian chic side out in the bag.
It’s a bag or a purse wait…! No it’s a python snake skin with amazing color blocking with such detail and clean lines this pretty thing by Givenchy.
We have a well traveled with this Chanel quilted denim handbag. It’s so perfect as a travel bag it gets you were u need to go.
 A girl always have to be beach ready in this macramé textural Saint Laurent for the spring darling.It pulls off in black so well, has the vintage kind of look which is so unique and detailed. 
Bring royalty zebra clutch purse darling,it’s has this beautiful pearl egg shell design made by Eddie Parker. This piece gives a statement that its just have to be a part of your wardrobe.
Sit back relax girls and have a weekend bag: with nice white Python bag ,it’s so everything this designer knew what they were doing kind remind of a kelly bag but it birth a different designer by khirmanewyork.

The award goes to this gold bag darling it’s like kind ready for a the and got a little hint. It’s for the summer to that ,why I love the way they design the bag because it’s different but kind similar to Chanel bags, so let’s give this award to Dior darling! 

It’s a mean girls thing pink on Wednesdays. I felt like it was so perfect for the summer that u can wear it anytime; its so cute and little u can carry the 5 essential in their lips stick, charger, mascara, credit card, last but not lease phone of course! This Kelly is literally something to die for its a Rose Sakura, 25cm Kelly, gold hardware, swift leather so exciting like it’s a got have bag. 

The Ralph & Russo Baroque pumps with its Royal blue color; it’s so classy and elegant. They are literally to die for! 

Darling it’s, the Cinderella story that every girl wants to have in their life, I feel that these Eden pumps from Ralph&Russo will do just that.
Who said they can’t have a Paulandrew platform suede shoe, it’s so cute and chic and has this hazel color it’s just so Amaze balls.
Forget the Jack Daniels honey! I want the Cognac but in Prada these cool slides in are just right for the summer. 
Okay ladies now lets get in formation! Slay chick or you get eliminate. These Western style Givenchy heels are so everything!
When she loose the heels darling, she snatch the Rihanna creepers sneakers in all black hunty, trust and believe she ready for the summer.
 We’re going put back on some inches and take it up three notches with these colorful Pierrehardy.
OH! Honey she didn’t come to play, its all about the tea parties and lavish balls. If these Nicholas Kirkwood not seeing royalty she don’t want it! 

Paul Andrew is giving me tea party darling in these floral sandals, oh honey I go to church! 

Watch out now dolls this girl has stolen the rainbow in these EdgardoOsorio, with every step she takes its a splash of color by Ferragmo.
These are the most irresistible shoes that u ever seen, for the summer they are ready to go out of town or party or just making a statement with these Aquazzura.

When the spring was showing trends they didn’t miss these rainbow pompom lace up sandals by loefflerandall , hunty they knew some girl was ready to shake her tail feather. 

Who said that ballerinas is the only one,who can wear ballet shoes not her hunty she’s rocking her glitter, spike, lace-up Gucci flats. 

This girl is going to Hawaii to find her dream men and these stunning,Christian Louboutin: the details and coloring is so unique I just can’t stop gaging for air hunty yass! 

This girl is all lace up and ready to hit the streets and find her Italian guy in Italy, wearing these fabluxe StuartWeitzman.

I think every girl should have a little jewel princess in them, it just help them bring out their inner queen like this Stephenwebster ring so gorgeous it would go with the perfect gown or cocktail dress.
I think these piece are so magnificent that You can layer these piece and put a great outfit together, I’m loving how Stephen Webster really detail the feather because they kind of look so really but gold darling and the diamond that are in them are so unique.

She was ready for all white party with a little hint of mesh and glitter to, lighten up the party in this Versace cocktail dress.



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