Being Authentic to Fashion 

There was a time I thought that I had to follow trends with: beanies, vests, and skinny pants. I was always trying to be like the “trendy new boyz” and desiring that ultimate Justin Bieber look with the button-up collar shirts, rolled up sleeves, skinny jeans, and my hair flat ironed with the side bang, just like his.

I tried different styles a lot such as wearing ties with my polo schools shirt in middle school accompanied by a blazer. This was so I could achieve the “Gossip Girl” image.

Then it became that I had to wear scarf because i seen other people wearing scarfs and being fashionable with them like with different styles, the way that people seen were i just was wanted to copy their image. From their I started wearing the 3D glasses u get from the movies as nerd glasses,I though I was fitting in with everyone else because they were hot in everybody in middle school was rocking those type of  glasses. 

Well I want to fast forward to the my high school year were I was just getting  into fashion and finding my self as my own personal stylists; because I’m my worst critic I would have literally chance three times a day because I use see what other people were wearing and I just had to chance to make it seem like I had the coolest outfit and just everybody had to see.

  Then it all start when it hit me that I just love fashion so much that I just had to blog about it when I got into the tenth grade so for then and on I got in touch  with my fashionista and start blogging about my Ralph Lauren cream sweater with my slik bow tie but I really didn’t do well for my first time blogging,but then I progress after I put a hold on blogging for a moment and I picked  back up  and start  bloggin about the latest trends what in and what’s was out so then .

I start to get more views  from their but that was not enough because it’s wasn’t enough people  looking on my blog  so I start to search around social media and find the kind fashion I like to actual blog about and see if my viewers would like it to from there it progress.

 I start on my own to become a life style blogger who blogs about what to wear  on the day to day base to show guys how to dress and express their self with their fashionable sense and be manly about what things they can actually wear. 

So then each time I put a outfit together I would either have the color scheme matching or putting Neutral color together with fall colors because they go perfect with each other , sometime I would always having my shoes go with my clothes to match ,but not trying to match to much because doing that will just make ur outfit look ugly to me. 

You always need have a different color to coordinate ur outfit because ur never want the old  boring same color matching and your looking like a big craylon. When it comes to fashion their are rules you have to follow that I learn.

  You can’t wear stuff from three season ago because it not in,  and u can’t wear black in the fall because I feel that it’s just don’t look right it’s just better if people were a nice brown or hazel but because it coordinate better. 

I also learn that you can wear certain Denim like fall you can wear the dark jean jacket like black , dark blue , olive green ,and that included winter to but you want the jean jacket with the little fur around it,you can wear white, blue ,red, those colors in the spring /summer for the stylist jeans jacket. 

Their was a time going back to middle school that I really didn’t know all the big fashion labelss all I knew was adidas, and new blance, rocwear, phatfarm, seanjohn, Calvin Klein, but I need shop at any big time store really my mother always liked to save money so I was shopping at cititrend, and Burlington coat factory, I use to like wearing them cool Walmart tee shirts. 

It was never fact that I didn’t show who I really was in middle school by coping people and celebrities fashion style it just that,I was not being authentic or true to my self with the fashion statement I was making, it was other people ideas I was using to try to make it my own.



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