You can’t buy class with style‼️🙅🏽💯

I feel that fashion is apart of me.No matter were I go how I get their but it’s about what all am I wearing!   

  It’s just one of those rainy days Rocking my polkadot H&Mcollar shirt, with my silk bow tie, and my black pants with my stylish Hunterboots and the awesome Davidbeckham trench coat.

    I think everyone  should were green on Thursdays, it’s like a chill kind of color and it’s always ready for the spring and fall because it’s a neutral kind of color. Wearing a green collar H&M shirt ,and my black pants, and my Invicta watch with my cool Hunterboots. 

Transition from bow ties and ties into casual fashion, with Davidbeckham sweater, and trench coat,and my two tone  Michael Kors watch!



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