Well you call it summer I call it the fun life.

 Isn’t this lace feather romper is to die for! 😍

  It’s a gold and black situation leith this two piece swim-wear.

  Michael has brought the pink/gray Panther out of this two tone tote.

  Can you say  southern belle style of classy and elegant. 

  I so love these jade color jimmy choo London style it’s so chic and sophisticated. 

   I guess this girl loves playing with patterns in her Sophia Websters;which it’s called a statement shoe. 

     Might I say palm trees a great comb with the watercolors great for a spring/summer breeze.

  You can tell this girl just came from the hottest rave ever in her Stella McCartney.

  It’s a royalty thing ,we call it being a Persian in these Giuseppezanotti.

  Got to love this Bohemian with a hint of safari (“dolls”)is,jimmy choo rocking the wild jungle!

 This a dead spring/summer bucket bag that is coming back with new spring colors and two-tone by mansurgaveriel.

  Darling your given me Persian princess in this Chloe dress!😍 

  Can you say I just skinned a Python dolls with this white marble by proenzaschoulder.


 I happen to look at this gorgeous maxi  MSK dress in Macy its literally to die for; bring out your enter class.

  The 🌈 is here and Valentino just took me there with thaws shoes it’s life.

  Where is aquamarine without the tail because the sea is coming ahead by alexandrebirmen.

  Feeling  like a goddess in these new ancientgreeksandals.

 The best buckled sandals they are great for a vacation by pandrewdesign.

 Watch out bitches I’m training for the Fashionthon with these renecaovilla.
It’s fuchsia and its saint Laurent min bag darling.

   Everybody want these MaisonValentio for the summer it show real gladiators chic.

  This a real big statement piece by Alexanderwangy:its texture design and you unique style. 

  The diamond hand is a bold piece by yepremjewellery.

 You can’t forget about the TomFord glasses Darling they are show stoppers; they make you stop and say look at those gorgeous ass frames. 


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  1. Aditi says:

    I love it!



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