Why do men or women chase?

I’m looking to my self and ask why do men and women chase after the dream guy or girl that they want but can’t not have really because they either married to there perfect soulmate or gay or just not interested in the woman or man. These days it’s kinda hard to find mr right or mrs right because they either not loyal or cheat  or goaldigger or like to cause drama or maybe a drug addict or could be a really good liar that lie to you about everything and its really hard to get trust any person just back pluse if your dating them, then there’s who just cant date again because after that really good relationship they were in mess them completely up and they just couldn’t date anyone else until they know that they would never feel that hurt or be hurt again. And when u find a person that really love you and want to make u cry because u have found that women or men that u been looking for all ur life , like what do you get out but happiness.



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