Fabluxe is like a Sexy IN The City

Where every girl wants that dream guy with also a little bit of Carrie Bradshaw they always have to include a COCO Chanel,Louis Vuitton, Jimmy choo, Christian Loubution,Gucci, Prada,They want that fairytale ending of getting propose to with a expensive pump or a HarryWinston.But after everything a girl could go through they still have their amazing friends to lean on with a open shoulder to cry on.See you have to look at that you when wanting that Carrie Bradshaw dream you always go through a lot of different men you date until it takes the right one that put you thru everything that you would never expect and who drives you crazy, Actually turn out to be that one you fall deeply head over heels or the other in LOVE. Xoxoxo how do you know if you want the Carrie Bradshaw dreamimaged611e41e492c4428ab3d2d198d1805cf-767x750imageimage


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  1. danaash2 says:

    It means for that regular girl who lives in a big city with filled of dreams you can only wonder and meeting that heart warning so sweat and caring also loving and successful gentlemen shall we say Man in that case



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